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Welcome to Exceptional Auto Transport!

Here at Exceptional Auto Transport we specialize in all kind of transports. We ship Motorcycles, Boats, Cars, Trucks, and anything else that can be transported. We have over 25 years in experience with transporting which is why we are one of the most reputable auto relocation companies around.


At Exceptional Auto Transport we understand that for a lot of people their car is their biggest asset and that´s how we treat it. If you need to ship a car to the next town or across the ocean, Exceptional Auto Transport is the car shipping service that makes it easy and convenient.


Our customer service has made Exceptional Auto Transport one of the largest and most competitive companies in the car shipping industries.


You need a car transport company who cares about your car and is reliable. We will transport your car on time and deliver your vehicle in excellent condition. This is why our name stands next to none in this industry!


Good communication throughout the transaction, transport price wasn't the cheapest but it wasn't the most expensive either. Pickup and delivery...

Great company! Point of contact was prompt and service was excellent! Contact was made at every step of the process....


I just moved to California, and I was really nervous about shipping my car half way around the country especially...


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